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Children's Palliative Care Coaltion 
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Our CHildren
Working to provide the best care for children across Michigan
Why a Coalition? For more information:

Knowledge shared is knowledge that benefits all, and a collective voice is stronger than any single voice.

Members share experiences, and access the expertise of others.

Publications: Newsletters will keep practitioners updated and help families find the resources they need.

Advocacy, legislative and other, advances the cause of pediatric palliative care in Michigan.

Membership is open to professionals involved in pediatric palliative services. Associate membership is open to other interested institutions and individuals.

For families the Coalition provides opportunity to share with others who have faced the unimaginable.

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We are stronger working together.
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Our Mission
Caring together

To provide resources for medical professionals, volunteers and families caring for children with life-limiting illnesses, and to ensure the availability of compassionate, comprehensive care across the State of Michigan