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Advocacy is communication
It should be the business of all of us who care to inform our fellow professionals and the public at large about the issues that affect provision of the best possible pediatric palliative care in Michigan.

Our priorities have changed, however. When we formed the Coaltion, we expected our advocacy efforts would be for innovative new legislation regarding care of children. Now all our efforts are geared to the urgent task of defending what we have. So please make a fe phone calls.Your voice counts.

State Representatives

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Your Federal Senators  
Peters, Gary C. - (D - MI)  
724 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-6221
Stabenow, Debbie - (D - MI) I
731 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-4822
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Among the objectives that we and other coalitions have sought are:
1.  To distinguish pediatric palliative care from hospice for reimbursement of caregivers
2.  To widen access to Medicaid by higher maximum income and age limits;
3.  To expand the 6-month life expectancy requirement for access to hospice;
4.  To extend acceptance of Concurrent Care ( mandatory for Medicaid) to commercial insurers;
5.  To secure access to care across all parts of the state through transport services and/or telemedicine.

Today, our overriding concern is to save Medicaid and Medicaid Expansion.

* Medicaid: Medicaid, together with Medicaid Expansion, under the Affordable Care Act provides wider coverage for children in fragile health than that normally available on the commercial market. For example, it requires payment for Concurrent Care (see below). Michigan has secured most of its Medicaid objectives through the Healthy Michigan Plan, using the Medicaid Expansion benefit under the Act.

*Concurrent Care: The traditional refusal of insurers not to pay for curative treatment when the patient has opted for palliative car

Advocacy is not limited to lobbying legislators or payers, like commercial insurers.
Nor is it our Advocacy Committee alone. All members can play a part in extending awareness of the needs of pediatric palliative care to the public at large.

Useful links:

Michigan Government Directory (House and Senate)

University of Michigan 2015 Report on PPC legislation across USA
Multi-disciplinary Clinics - a path through Medicaid
Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act
(a pending Federal law)
Wisconsin Pediatric Palliative Care Act
 Pennsylvania Concurrent Care Act
(Although not finally passed into law, the wording is a useful model)