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Resources for families
Support groups
No family in crisis should be without support, and the Coalition's intention is to help all affected families in Michigan whether or not they are  members.
Our intention is to build and catalog all the support organizations, be they family groups, clinics or therapists in the meantime, click here for a list of resources noted to date.

The Cost of Bereavement

It is not the family alone that suffers when there is bereavement. Relationships change and friendships can be lost. There's also a cost to society.
We need to be aware of the impact of a family's bereavement on the community as a whole.  The conclusions in Joanne Cacciatore's 2014 study,
the Cost of Bereavement, may surprise  employers and others in regard to the economics of bereavement leave.

What do we know about grief?
Click her to read article by John Waller, PhD.

Bereavement Committee:
Interested members can help families and participate by joining the Bereavement Committee

Charlie's Section
The children we remember
We invite parents to tell their children's stories -- and send us pictures. We named this "Charlie's Section" because this was a little boy with an inoperable brain tumor who loved art and was the inspiration for the Art for Charlie Foundation.

A story need not be biographical. It can be a story of a single incident, a story by the child or a story about the child.

There does not have to be a picture, but include some if you can -- pictures of your child, or by your child.  Every picture helps to tell a story. Children's stories will feature on this website some will be in our newsletters.

BrodyChildren can express ideas and feelings in pictures that are inexpressible in words -- like the winter scene on the left by 10-year old Brody, painted shortly before is death from a pontine glioma. Losing the ability to use his right hand, he painted with his left.

Noah11-year old Noah, handicapped by his illness, was unable to handle pen or pencil. Asked by his teacher to illustrate the concept, "What is courage and what does it mean to you?", he tapped out words on a label maker, pasted the strips onto a sheet of paper, and decorated it as best he could. As art, perhaps unconventional, but nonetheless impressive.


UnicornOn a lighter note, 5-year old Charlie, barely a week before his death, drew a picture of a unicorn pooping. (Yes, you read that right!)
Charlie explained that it was for his older sister to give to her on birthday so that she would laugh and not be sad when he wasn't there.

Children have stories to tell -- and often their pictures do also.
If you would like to be contacted to discuss your child's story, email us today!

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