Our Missions
The Foundation's missions are to advance the availability of pediatric palliative care in Michigan,
and to help families in need who have a child receiving treatment, or who are bereaved by the death of a child

The Foundation
The Foundation was established in East Lansing, Michigan, in March, 2012, as a 501(c)3 charity. We depend upon donations from the public and we raise money through art-related events. In the past these have included art auctions that have relied on the generosity of artists in many states and countries. Our focus now is on the exhibition of art by children in crisis in order both to raise money and to draw attention to the need for pediatric palliative care. Upcoming exhibitions will be featured on our Events page.

Grant applications are invited from families in Michigan who have a child receiving palliative care or who have been bereaved by the death of a hcild from any cause. Grants are made according to an assessment of need and funds available at the time.

Children's Art
When children express themselves in pictures despite serious illness or disability, it's art. Our exhibitions celebrate children through their art. The exhibition is an opportunity for families to tell their child’s unique story which can be an inspiration for other parents. If the child has died, it may help the family in bereavement by keeping the memory alive. Our goal is to educate the public on the diagnoses that threaten the lives of infants and children, to awaken awareness of the importance of pediatric palliative care, and to draw attention to the painful reality of child loss.
Parents interested in sharing a picture by their child should go to our Kids Art page.
Our Partner
Children's Palliative Care Coalition of Michigan

In May 2016, the Foundation succeeded in advancing the availaility of pediatric palliative care in this state by sponsoring the formation of the Children's Palliative Care Coalition of Michigan.  The Coalition brings together the leading hospitals and hospices who serve children in the state in need of palliative care. The Foundation works in partnership with the Coalition in helping families affected.


Our mission was inspired by the spirit of a small boy, Charlie Waller. Diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor just before age three he showed during his short life an indomitable spirit and an unbounded love for others. The Foundation was established in his honor by his parents, John and Abigail Waller, and their family.

We depend upon the support of the public for the children and families who need help.  Donations are deductible for US taxpayers and may be made in honor or memory of a named friend or loved one.
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