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Art for Charlie

a Michigan non-profit corporation

Registered office:
3032 Hamlet Circle
East Lansing, MI 48823

Phone: 517-763-4413

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How We Began - and Why

Few people can even imagine need for hospice care for children, and most don’t even want to think about it.

When a two-year old boy in East Lansing, Michigan, was diagnosed in 2011 with an inoperable and incurable brain stem tumor, the need for hospice care became obvious to his family.

The child, Charlie Waller, had been diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma or DIPG, an inoperable brain stem cancer. After learning that Charlie might have only nine months to live, his parents became painfully aware at the same time that the local hospital, in common with many areas of the United States, had no nurses trained in pediatric hospice care.

Family and friends held an art auction to raise money. The event was a success and raised a new hope, the hope that something beautiful and good might emerge from the tragedy.

Who we are

One year later in 2012, the family joined with others in establishing the Art for Charlie Foundation as a Michigan non-profit and a 501(c)3 charity.

Officers are:

Abigail Waller - President
Kristen Metzger - Vice-president
Dave Olson - Treasurer
Richard Graham-Yooll - Executive Director and Secretary

Our Mission

Art for Charlie Foundation raises money through art events and art sales to promote the availability of hospice care for children, and to help families who suffer, or who have recently suffered the loss of a child.

We help children in hospice through grants to families and institutions. We also work through advocacy to advance the cause of pediatric palliative care across the state. 

While our bereavement support followed naturally from hospice, the Foundation today helps families who have lost a child by any cause, whether from terminal illness or any other disease or accident.
We raise money through art because it is a beautiful way to fight this darkness. We welcome contributions for our art shows from both amateur and professional artists.


More Information
For more detail on the story of Charlie Waller, go to our Charlie page.