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Michigan Pediatric Palliative Care Advocacy Group
Promoting the interests of pediatric palliative care in Michigan

Following the Pediatric Palliative Care Conference of November 1, 2014, attendees were invited to participate in an advocacy group to advance the interests of pediatric palliative within the state. Some 37 have joined the group which meets periodically to discuss issues of concern.

The objective is to secure the removal of financial and bureaucratic hurdles to pediatric palliative care by working to educate and lobby Michigan legislators and the insurance industry regarding the special needs of children.

Key concerns are the restrictions on reimbursement of concurrent curative treatment for hospice patients, for home care or for hospice care longer than the standard definition of life expectancy of six months or less.

Following the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid is now required to reimburse for concurrent care. So one path to follow is the extension of eligibility for Medicare coverage through state Medicaid waivers.

For legislative models we need to follow the examples of other states until we can achieve similar legislation.

In the meantime, we can help caregivers to make use of Medicaid Multidisciplinary Clinics in order to broaden range of eligible reimbursement. Members are also investigating the potential and feasibility of pediatric care respite homes.

We welcome new members. For more information, click to email.

ESOURCES (PDF downloads)

Pennsylvania advocacy group model
Executive summary of the PA Pediatric Palliative and Hospice care task force

Concurrent Care Brochure (Virginia)

Concurrent Care Act (Pennsylvania) (Not enacted but a good example of legislative wording)

Federal  Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act 2015