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Pediatric Palliative Care & Bereavement Conference
"Treating the medically fragile child in Michigan and other states"

2015 Conference

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Why a conference for pediatric palliative care? 

Hospice care for the aged is available across the United States and yet hospice care for children, a specialized but always a more tragic need, is limited or non-existent in many areas. More than 50,000 children a year in the US alone become terminally ill, whether from disease or congenital condition.

Children’s hospice care differs from geriatric with greater emphasis on:

  • Quality of life

  • Family centered treatment

  • Home care where possible

  • Aggressive palliation 

  • Concurrent curative treatment

  • Specialized skills

Spreading the word:

Even clinicians specializing in pediatric care can be unaware of the need and the availability of palliative care and the fact it is NOT only for dying patients.
Economic constraints limit widespread access to particularly in less populated areas of the state. So it is essential to share knowledge and resources statewide as much as possible and to identify common problems in order to overcome them.