Celebrating our children through their art
(Pictures by children coping with medical challenges)
The Objective
We will be exhibiting art – drawings, sketches, paintings – produced by children who are, or who have been, coping with serious and chronic illness, as well as children who have died from any cause. The art is significant in showing how children, through their pictures, overcome stress, pain or disability.
Each picture is accompanied by the child’s story and a photograph.
It is an opportunity for families to tell their child’s unique story which can be an inspiration for other parents. If the child has died, the exhibition may help the family in bereavement by keeping the memory alive.
The goal is to educate the public on the diagnoses that threaten the lives of infants and children, to awaken awareness of the importance of pediatric palliative care, and draw attention to the painful reality of child loss.

What we need
We welcome any drawing, whether childish and simple, or mature and sophisticated. Exhibits will all be enlarged to a size suitable for display and printed on board or canvas.
There are no rules, but to give an idea we look for pictures, large or small:
      that have merit in their own right, or
      that illustrate something about the child, or
      that are created despite a disability, or
      that show humor or pathos, or
      that evoke some other emotion.
Each picture will be accompanied by a story (up to about 200 words) about the child and a photo of the child. The story is as important as the picture on display.


How to participate
Use the form below to submit your child's picture, a photo of the child and some basic information.
Alternatively, you can email attachments to ParentPower@artforcharlie.org.   Or phone 517-763-4413 if you have questions or encounter difficulty submitting.