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Pediatric Palliative Care - Institutional Support

Sparrow check presentationThe special considerations of palliative and hospice care for dying children are unique. The need for such care is not rare. In the US alone more than 50,000 children become terminally ill every year, whether from disease or congenital condition. Yet many hospitals lack the specially trained staff that are needed, and this is a gap that the Foundation seeks to fill.

Sparrow Hospital
The Foundation made a grant of $20,000 to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing to facilitate their plans for a pediatric hospice program. The grant funded a pilot study for a program that has yet to be implemented but which we hope will eventually lead to a full pediatric hospice facility.

Hospice of Michigan
Following an initial grant of $10,000, the Foundation now maintains Hospice of Michigan's "Quality of Life" fund for east Michigan which is operated under their Pediatric Early Care program (PEC). This program fills the gaps of many hospital based programs and provides much needed home care as well as support for bereaved families. The fund, designed to help families in need, matches a similar fund already established for the west of the state.

Check out the Hospice of Michigan web page to learn more about the
Pediatric Early Care program:
Hospice of Michigan